Erica Valentine, Founder

Over the course of my wonderful wine career, I’ve had the chance to work in nearly every aspect of the business, from the vineyards to the bottle.  I have had bottom line responsibility managing numerous corporately owned brands such as Sterling, Simi, Columbia Winery, Mumm Champagne and Wild Horse where I learned financial and other sophisticated business management processes and tools.  I have worked both for and with independently owned wineries including Shafer, Hanzell, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and Talley Vineyards.  My services include:

  • Strategic planning, cash flow and long term financial projections
  • Brand strategy – solidifying an authentic winery image and optimal positioning
  • Develpment of creative marketing and sales plans
  • Product line analysis and competitive benchmarking
  • Professionalizing infrastructure, business and financial processes
  • Ownership mentoring, staffing plans and team-building
  • Deploying marketing and sales tactics through the three tier sales channels.

I work on a retainer or hourly basis.  Write or call me to explore how I may be service.

Contact::     707-480-3985